05 October 2019

Coaching Redefined

I’m so grateful to Sherry St. Clair for sending a copy of her new book, Coaching Redefined. She charts her … More

30 July 2019

Appreciating the deeply unsatisfactory

‘Most pupils end up as artistic illiterates’ and ‘arts education … cannot produce creative pupils in the proper sense of … More

30 July 2019

My professional body

I never imagined I would complete fifteen years of teaching. I never imagined I would do fifteen years of anything … More

29 July 2019

The meaning of curriculum process

Whilst the kitchen is being removed from my home (and a new one is gradually installed) I started to notice … More

29 July 2019

Developing composing through talk

Developing composing through talk: Does the use of a ‘composing talk tally’ in the KS3 Music classroom improve the quality … More

27 July 2019

Creating Significant Learning Experiences

After an enjoyable year of professional development (that included the RSA Evidence Champions Network, Chartered College of Teaching Chartered Teacher … More

26 July 2019

Should we question our beliefs in the arts?

The ‘transformative power’ of the arts: History of an idea by Eleanora Belfiore is an interesting read in The Routledge … More

17 May 2019

Making time for music

We can find a justification for music as an important part of human development right back to Plato. In the … More

27 April 2019

Extending music beyond the classroom: MusicFirst

City of London School for Girls provides students and staff with iPads, and all departments are encouraged to explore how … More

18 January 2019

Hitting the right notes: improving teaching practice

Guest blog from Dr Steven Berryman, Director of Music at City of London School for Girls and Visiting Research Fellow at … More