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More of Steven's music can be heard at Soundcloud.

Corpo - Lixo da alma (Rubbish - Body of Soul)

Trailer for the work performed as part of Cena Brasil Internacional 2012 at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro 2 to 11 June 2012.

Director: Mauricio Carneiro
Visuals: Sam Fisher
Photography/Filming: Fernando Filho
Music: Steven Berryman

Versa est in luctum

Voce Sanctis commissioned Steven Berryman to compose a setting of the prayer Versa est in luctum for their Lenten concert on Friday 23rd March 2012.

More about Voce Sanctis at

Cypher for Orchestra

The word 'cypher' has numerous definitions but the one that remained in the forefront of my thoughts was a secret code of writing, or the process of converting ordinary language into code. The opening harp material essentially operates as a cypher through which other material is coded. Each time the cypher returns, the music that follows it has been changed and, as the cypher periodically returns, it too is subject to subtle changes. Lighter textures are juxtaposed with denser textures where several conflicting passages are presented simultaneously. The final appearance of the cypher – this time with different orchestration – leads to an uncertain close on a solo violin.
Programme note © Steven Berryman

Devised Work with Pupils

An example of a devised piece with year 10 GCSE music students creating a work about dreams.

String Quartet First Movement

String Quartet Second Movement

The quartet was started during an Advanced Composition at Dartington International Summer School in 2005 and was completed in 2008. It was first performed by the Elysian Quartet at Dartington Summer School and was subsequently performed by members of the Sarum Orchestra in 2008 and more recently in workshop by the Carducci Quartet.

Wandered Mind

Commissioned by South West Music School in 2010, Wandered Mind has the unusual ensemble of two flutes, recorder, clarinet, alto saxophone, horn, trumpet and piano four hands. It was written for a residential weekend exploring ensemble playing and was first performed by SWMS students in October 2010.

Wound in Minds Wandering (2004)

This piece started life as a flute solo and was subsequently developed into a trio for a workshop with Endymion players during an RMA Student Conference at Royal Holloway University of London in 2004. It was first performed during the workshop.